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dedicated to
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We have many years of experience, skills & knowledge and always put our customers first so they feel the experience.

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It is widely thought that the craft of upholstery evolved from that of the tent-maker.

One of the first developments from tent-making was `wall hangings' and draperies at windows and around beds. The window drapery (Curtains) has since grown enormously, incorporating jobs like blind fixing, loose-cover making and bedcover making.

The first signs of comfort for chairs came with the making of cushions, but it was not until the reign of Queen Elizabeth I that the stuffing of furniture began to evolve. From then on the craft of upholstery increased and was in great demand, reaching its zenith probably in the late Victorian era and early Edwardian days.

By this time the standard of workmanship and versatility in England was really magnificent. It may well have surpassed the art of the French and Italian craftsmen who were considered supreme.

Basically of course the upholsterer was a `stuffer', which really means an upholsterer as the layman knows it. In other words, he built up from a frame a piece of furniture padded with stuffing. He also undertook to measure, cut and fix curtains, blinds, draperies, loose covers and pelmets and swags. This included things like mantelpiece drapes and bed draperies which were very popular in those days. Indeed all types of draperies for furniture became most elaborate, as did the window dressings. Deep swags and tails for the window headings suited the tall windows of the wealthy client's house. These were usually heavily trimmed and sometimes surmounted by elaborate wooden cornices. 

 My grandmother used to tell me that her father, an upholsterer, went to work in his top hat and spats which was a symbol of the prestige in which this craftsman was held. 

A lot of tedious jobs have been eliminated by the introduction of machines used in the trade, but for a first-class job it still remains a craft, where patience and skill of hand and eye play the most important part. Pride of craftsmanship is a great incentive to a beginner and the would-be apprentice should not think there aren't work shops that still carry on the traditions and skills. There certainly are!

about us

Made to measure specialists

In the industry for over 30 years

We have been in the industry for over 30 years now and still passionate about the quality of service and finished goods we produce. 

As well as working with interiors over this time we have also produced goods such as leather seats, golf bags, clothing, fixed seating, bedding and garden furniture.  

Highly skilled in the trade

We have become so well known in the industry amongst other machinists for the quality of our work that they actually come to us to supply their swags and tails for them. 

As well as the normal sewing machines we are all very competent in the use of all industrial walking foot machines, hemming machines, overlockers, piping machines, etc.

We believe in our products

We Believe in our products

We strongly believe in our products and keep up to date with what the customer wants. Swags and Tails have come and gone over the years and it is really good to see them stand the test of time because they are now back in fashion.

What generally changes is the fabrics and what people 'WANT' to spend on them.

We believe in our service 

We believe in our service and want to give people the option of buying from their own home. Until recently it has not been possible to purchase the same quality of finish as having somebody around to carry out a full make and fit service.

We know that we put everything we can into making sure the finished product is exactly the same, the fitting instructions are easy to follow and they are delivered promptly to your door when you expect them. This brings the price of our products into the affordable range where some people could not previously consider.

For those who still want the full make and fit service we ensure this is carried out in accordance with our high standards of customer service. 

We are committed to quality 

Quality is extremely important to us and as such we constantly review what we do to make sure it is right for you the customer.

Our fabric ranges must comply with our demands, our manufacturing processes have to be the best and our customer service is second to none. 



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