no job too big
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When we make and install your made-to-measure curtains there is no limit to how big or small the job is.

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Curtain Heading Styles


If you have a specific design or style that you would like then please contact us to discuss. We are happy to consider anything that is practical to manufacture.

Before deciding on your heading style you need to have decided on your rail, pole or track to ensure accurate measuring.

You may also want to consider one of our padded Pelmets for a more elegant look. Click Here 

These are the popular curtain heading styles:

Pencil Pleat



Pencil Pleat 6"



Eyelets Heading



Pinch Pleat



Tab Tops



Goblet Pleat



our curtains

If you want top quality made-to-measure curtains then you've come to the right place. Our skilled machinists can 'make-up' with your own fabric or you can choose one of our selective fabric ranges.

Visconti Fabrics

We can manufacture curtains (or voiles) in a range of headings such as pencil pleat, pinch pleat, tab tops, goblet or eyelets.

All our made-to-measure curtains have hand stitched hems and are fully quality cotton lined & bagged.

Our heading tapes are selected and tested to prevent the cords from snapping when pulling up. One side is stitched to secure the leading edge and prevent the cords from accidentally being pulled out.

Our range of selected fabrics have been chosen as they are quality recognised ranges which have been manufactured specifically for curtains.

They are consistently available from manufacturers and have good pattern matches and have been subject to stringent quality tests.

Our fabrics are available in a wide range of Damasks, Watermarks, Prints, Plains, Velvets and Voiles.

Hardy Art Nouveax Fabrics

When our pencil pleat curtains are made, from your sizes, we approximately double the fabric to give you a fuller gather. 

Re-Cover Service

If you already have curtains and would like them to be covered in a fabric to match your other interiors such as throws, bedding, valances, etc., then please contact us and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

Fabric choices

It is not possible to list all our fabric ranges but we have selected some of our favourites and placed them into the buttons below.

If you like our choices then make a note of the codes against your favourites for when you enquire further.

Please click on the relevant button to check them out.







our sizes

how to measure

1) Measure your window opening size on the inside.

2) Add on 15cm either side (30cm in total) to the width.

3) Add on 15cm to the head to allow for the tracks, etc.


pick a size from below

These are based on our most popular fabric range. Prices can vary up and down depending on fabric costs.

Width 117cm X Length 137cm

(46" X 54")                                      

Width 117cm X Length 183cm
(46" X 72")                                                 

Width 117cm X Length 228cm
(46" X 90")

Width 167cm X Length 137cm
(66" X 54")

Width 167cm X Length 183cm
(66" X 72")

Width 167cm X Length 228cm
(66" X 90")

Width 228cm X Length 137cm
(90" X 54")

Width 228cm X Length 183cm
(90" X 72")                                                          

Width 228cm X Length 228cm
(90" X 90")