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We can manufacture a variety of valances to suit any decor and sizes. We can match or contrast with your selected fabrics

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Valance Styles

If you have a specific design or style that you would like then please contact us to discuss. We are happy to consider any design or style that is practical to manufacture.

These are some of our most popular styles listed below:

  • Pinch Pleat

Pinch Pleat Valance



  • Pencil Pleat


Pencil pleat valance



  • Box Pleat


Boc Pleat Valance




Valances are available in a range of styles, sizes and fabrics to go over fitted curtains, blinds or just on their own.

Limited only by your imagination we are able to transform your rooms into something of outstanding beauty with our elegant or plain valances.

Re-Cover Service

If you already have valances and would like them to be covered in a fabric to match your other interiors such as throws, bedding, curtains, etc., then please contact us and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

Fabric choices

It is not possible to list all our fabric ranges but we have selected some of our favourites and placed them into the buttons below.

Pinch pleat valance

If you like our choices then make a note of the codes against your favourites for when you enquire further.

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our sizes

how to measure

1) Measure your window opening size on the inside.

2) Add on 12.5cm (5") either side, 25cm (10") in total to the width.

3) Add on 12.5cm (5") to the head to allow for tracks.

4) Add another 12.5cm (5") if there is a return on the valance


5) When manufactured the fabric will be double to fit when gathered to the given measurements.


pick a size from below

These prices are based on our most popular £12 per metre fabric range. Prices can vary up and down depending on fabric costs.

Width 117cm X Length 30cm

(46" X 12")                                                     £76

Width 117cm X Length 40cm
(46" X 16")                                                     £91

Width 167cm X Length 30cm
(66" X 12")                                                     £95

Width 167cm X Length 40cm
(66" X 16")                                                   £109

Width 228cm X Length 30cm
(90" X 12")                                                   £120

Width 228cm X Length 40cm
(90" X 16")                                                   £135

Width 300cm X Length 30cm
(118" X 12")                                                 £150

Width 300cm X Length 40cm
(118" X 16")                                                 £165